Prawn cutlets with dipping sauce

Mini BLT bagels

Mini Bacon & Egg Tarts

Mini Battered hotdogs 

Assorted hot savouries 

Pork wontons with sweet & sour sauce

Blini topped with a lemon cream cheese & smoked salmon

Mini Moroccan chicken kebabs

Tasty mini yorkshire pudding with roast beef & horseradish

Southern style chicken tenderloins with dipping sauce

Gourmet mini beef burgers

Selection of spring rolls & samosas with dipping sauce

Assorted gallettes

Assorted club fingers

Beef meatballs on skewers with dipping sauce

Gourmet sushi

Petit Croissant filled with smoked chicken & avocado

Pistolet filled with deli meats & salad

Caramelised onion & feta tarts

Seasonal fresh fruit platter

Caramel & chocolate tartlets

New York brownie bites

Creamed cinnamon donuts


5 options $14.25 per person

6 options $16.75 per person

7 options $19 per person

8 options $22 per person