Lunch Menu


Mini bagels, croissants and pistolets with deli meats & salad fillings

Wrap of the day

Classic farmhouse BLT

German Rye Sandwiches with deli meats & salad fillings

Large croissants filled with salad and deli meats

Ham, Cheese & Tomato flutes

Tasty Focaccia knots with deli meats & salad fillings


                                                                                                Gourmet Sushi selection

Mini savoury tarts

Mini Samosas and Spring Rolls with dipping sauce

Assorted hot savouries

Prawn cutlets with sweet chilli dipping sauce

Feta & caramelised onions tarts

Moroccan chicken kebabs

Assorted gallettes

Bacon and egg tarts

Beef koftas with dipping sauce

Mini battered hot dogs


Fresh fruit cuts

Assorted slice bites

Mini pikelets with jam and cream

                                                                                                Chocolate cake bites

Caramel and chocolate tartlets

Creamed Lamington

Sweet of the day


$12.30 (1 filler + 1 savoury + 1 sweet selection)

$14.50 (1 filler + 2 savoury + 1 sweet selections)

$16 (1 filler + 2 savoury + 2 sweet selections)

$17.70 (1 filler + 3 savoury + 2 sweet selections)