Morning/Afternoon Tea

   Savoury Selections

Petit savoury muffins filled with ham and brie

Assorted club sandwiches 

Assorted hot savouries 

Tasty homemade sausage rolls with dipping sauce 

Petite croissant with assorted deli meat & salad fillings

Mini BLT bagel

Cheddar and chive scones with butter

Tasty savoury pinwheels

Bacon and egg tartlets

Gallette of the day


Sweet Treats

Freshly baked sweet mini muffins

Mini pikelets with jam and cream

Brownie Fingers

Homemade scones served with whipped cream and jam

Sweet slice bites

Fresh fruit platter

 Chocolate cake bites

Chocolate eclairs with cream

Creamed lamington

Banana bran muffins


2 items $6.20 per person

3 items $8.40 per person

4 items $10.20 per person 


 All prices are exclusive of gst. Minimum order is 5 people. Delivery charges may apply